Muneera Malek, also known as Moon Malek, is a graphic designer and an illustrator. D'ana of COVL, CJ Hendry, Joshua Vides and Walt Disney, to name a few, play an essential role and are mainly responsible for moulding her love for illustrations and mixed media. Her background of working for both local and international brands such as Zouk Club Singapore to Fred Perry enable her to expand and widen her creativity.
Moon's most recent work was a mural installation for Adidas Singapore's Headquarters and one of their local store at Pan Pacific Plaza in 2020. In 2019, she participated in Art Box Singapore which she was invited to paint and curate a horse statue. She also had a mural installation at Just Co, Singapore and Taiwan. In 2017, she participated in -ING Creative Festival in Dubai, representing Singapore with fellow photographer Nidia Marissa. She was also featured at Singapore Fashion Awards 2016 with mural illustrations displayed as part of the catwalk. She had participated in various local exhibitions curated by local creatives such as Kult, Projector and worked on an illustration collaboration with a local designer for Met Gala 2016.
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